A History of Serving Lane County

The company started out as a mom-n-pop shop in Eugene, Oregon, named Glass Repair Services. Eugene Windshield Repair (EWSR) came about after the company was sold in 1987 to the previous owner’s son, Brent Dienes. He has evolved EWSR into what it is today. Deines is the President of Eugene Windshield Repair, Eugene Headlight Restoration, and Delta Kits, Inc.

Dienes has worked both ends of the windshield repair business – as a technician and supplier. He uses his experience to offer simple, durable, and easy-to-use products that are capable of the highest quality repairs. His goal is to provide the best windshield repair and headlight restoration services in Lane County and beyond. Eugene Windshield Repair is a proud user of Delta Kits products when repairing windshields or restoring headlights.

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