What types of headlight damage can you fix?

Eugene Headlight Restoration can remove 100% of exterior damage such as haziness, cloudiness, discoloration, yellowing, and scratches. More extreme damage like chips and deep cracks cannot be fixed..

How long does the headlight restoration take?

Each headlight or tail light takes about 30-60 minutes for restoration depending on their size and oxidation severity. In total we like to keep the vehicle at least 3 hours. Two hours for the restoration process, and one hour for the coating to dry. You can safely drive your vehicle after an hour but try to keep your driving to a minimum for the first 24 hours.

Do I have to take my headlights out for you to restore them?

This is a common question we get and the answer is no. Some of our customers already have their headlights removed. It is not necessary and is in fact, a little more difficult and not recommended. We prefer to restore headlights still on the vehicle. It is helpful if you pop the hood for us. We tape around the entire headlight before starting our headlight restoration process preventing accidental damage to the vehicle’s paint.

Are headlight lenses made out of glass or plastic?

Headlights were once made of glass; however, using glass limited car manufacturers to certain sizes and shapes. Advancing technology in the mid 1980’s allowed automakers to began using polycarbonate plastic headlight lenses. Polycarbonate is cheaper, lighter, and can be shaped into the sleek front end styling of  modern cars. Vehicles such as jeeps, certain trucks and vans still use glass with a simple headlight shape. However, most headlight lenses are now made of this hard shatter-resistant polycarbonate plastic.